Minor to a Creative Writing Major?

I'm Abbi.

I plan to go to UMF, or UCLA, even though I'm only a freshman in high school. (well, in Fall I will be a freshman) I'm a total geek, too. Anyway, what would be a good minor, to a creative writing major? My main choice is UMF. What are some reasons you guys went there?

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IPOD Raffle

Come buy tickets in the Student Center from 4/3 to 4/10 for a chance to win a Red 4 gb IPOD Nano! Tickets are $1 a piece, or $4 for 5 tickets. All proceeds are being donated to support our troops in Iraq. Also feel free to hand in letters, CDs, etc., we'll ship them over free of charge. Thanks for your support.


Interested in just helping out or doing tech? Contact me.
There will be a tech meeting later.
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research methods

Hey folks, I am performing an experiment on music and memory and need people to participate. It will take about 10 minutues and would really be helping me out. I am performing it tommorrow which is Tuesday the 12th in Psy roomm 119A. This is the second door on the right in the Psy building. I will need volunteers at this room at 11:15 AM, 11:35, 12, 12:35. and at 1. Please help out a fellow beaver. Tell your friends and come help me out. If you can make it to one of these times please leave a comment at what time you can make it. PS. if you are in a psy class ask your professor about possible extra credit for taking part.

Thank you so much Matthew Shepard
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Schedule of Events

Organized by the student group the Alliance and sponsored by the Alliance and UMF Student Senate, UMF’s first PRIDE WEEK in nearly a decade aims to unify the entire campus in a celebration of sexuality, sexual diversity, and acceptance. The week includes the formal events described below as well as several “surprise” events toward the end of the week. The rainbow flag will be displayed on the Library Green all week, and Mantor Library currently features a Queer Book Display on its third floor for Pride Week. Join in and show your pride!

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Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if there was anyone else taking 20th Century American Poetry or American Texts and Contexts with Paul Outka; I have the lists of books for both classes, and there's a box set of Norton Anthology books that are a lot cheaper online than they would be buying them from D.D.&G....

Anyway, let me know, and I'll reply with the book list :-)
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Is anybody else staying on campus this summer? I feel like I'm living in a ghost town here. I can't find anything to do, mostly because I don't know anybody.

Help? And why won't the Dakin vending machine take my change? I want me some animal crackers!