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Schedule of Events

Organized by the student group the Alliance and sponsored by the Alliance and UMF Student Senate, UMF’s first PRIDE WEEK in nearly a decade aims to unify the entire campus in a celebration of sexuality, sexual diversity, and acceptance. The week includes the formal events described below as well as several “surprise” events toward the end of the week. The rainbow flag will be displayed on the Library Green all week, and Mantor Library currently features a Queer Book Display on its third floor for Pride Week. Join in and show your pride!

Tuesday, October 10

As part of UMF’s first PRIDE WEEK in ten years, UMF alumnus Erica Connolly, who has a degree in community health, is giving an "alternative" sex education presentation. Erica’s informal but informative, gutsy and non-gender-specific presentation will cover REAL sexuality -- topics that matter to college students of EVERY orientation. FREE and open to the public: North Dining Hall, 5 PM, 10/10/06.

Wednesday, October 11

As part of UMF's first PRIDE WEEK in ten years, UMF celebrates National Coming-Out Day along with the rest of the United States on Oct. 11, 2006. This day encourages people of all orientations to come out of "the closet" with pride -- but especially those claiming a homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, genderqueer, transgender, or ally identity.

As part of UMF's PRIDE WEEK, come join a faculty panel including English professor Paul Outka, Women & Gender Studies professor Alice Adams, and UMF Computer Center staff member Tiffany Maiuri to celebrate and discuss "coming out" across various disciplines and in various manners. We will hear about Walt Whitman, coming out as a lesbian, the hardships of claiming a transgender identity, and coming out as a straight ally. Share your own coming out story, listen to others', and enjoy some refreshments. FREE to the public. North Dining Hall, 7:30 PM, Weds., 10/11/06.

A fearless 35-minute fictional film by a group of radical queer filmmakers, "...HOMOTOPIA chronicles a group of ... [gay individuals] dedicated to exposing the trouble with gay marriage, dismantling the State, undoing Empire, [all the] while looking totally fierce." HOMOTOPIA comes to UMF as part of UMF's PRIDE WEEK 2006 and is just one stop on HOMOTOPIA's nationwide tour. The showing will be followed by a discussion and Q&A period with the film's directors, FTM transsexual Christian E. Vargas, and radical queer activist, outlaw academic and experimental filmmaker Eric A. Stanley. For more info, view FREE to the public. In Roberts’ C-23 (the “spaceship” room) at 9 PM on Weds., 10/11/06.

Thursday, October 12

Matthew Shepard was a young out gay man who was brutally beaten to death by two of his homophobic peers in Laramie, WY in 1998. As part of UMF's PRIDE WEEK, on Oct. 12, 2006, the 8th anniversary of his death, UMF remembers Matthew Shepard with a showing of the documentary about his death, THE LARAMIE PROJECT, followed by a candlelit vigil around Farmington and a discussion break with food afterward. FREE. In Ricker Addition 117 on Thurs., 10/12/06, at 6 PM.

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