Does anyone want to boycott finals? I'm not being sarcastic! Not at all!
Let's just quit.

I just had a conversation with someone about this. What would happen if we all just picked up and went home now and refused to go to any tests?

I say we try it.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone is trying to stay chill and studying isn't too rough.
At least this semester is almost over!
Good luck!
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The Pubcrawlers Live @ UMF

Looking for something to do Saturday night? The Pubcrawlers, and Celtic Punk band from States throughout New England, will be playing live from 8-9:30pm in the amphitheater (North Dining Hall if it is raining). The show is free! Not convinced? Check out some of there songs at:

Brought to you by the Latte Landing and 100.1 WUMF

Exit Loan Counseling?


Apparently UMF sent out information to seniors regarding the exit loan counseling sessions they hold every year right before graduation. Either I missed that memo or I deleted it...does anyone have the information on those sessions (i.e., when, where etc.)? I've tried e-mailing the Financial Aid and Registrar Offices and haven't hear anything back yet. Thanks in advance...

~ Josh
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WUMF Battle of the Bands

Hey all you farmingtonites, if yer around this weekend you should check out the WUMF battle of the bands. It starts at 7pm on saturday, it will be free for students (3 bucks for non students), and there will be 8 bands. There are all sorts of acts: rock, punk, jam, and what looks to be a couple screamo or hardcore bands (I haven't heard them, but I'm just judging by the names) so there should be something that you like. It would be cool to get a good turnout for all of the bands so bring your friends! The full roster looks like this:

Seas Turn Red
Simple Academy
Before I Kill Again
The Rattlesnakes
Highway Jackson
Eyes Like Fire
Unlucky Joe

Looking for something to do tonight?

It's raining outside...and you are probably bored and looking for something to do tonight.

Look no further than a free concert at the Latte Landing.

The whatnot, an acoustic trio based out of Portsmouth, NH, successfully blends acoustic and electric instruments to create a sound that is much larger than the sum of its parts. The genre is fun upbeat pop music and the group is extremely versatile, as demonstrated in their performance settings ranging from intimate coffee houses and bar gigs to 1500 seat theaters and college gymnasiums. Having Played With: O.A.R., Howie Day, Gravity, Ari Hest, As Fast As, Paranoid Social Club, Pondering Judd, it's sure to be a good time.

What do you have to lose? Come check them out!

the whatnot
8:00 p.m.
Latte Landing
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(no subject)

I've never posted in here, but as a first year goes.

I am supremely upset with how advising has been going for me. I have not been able to get in contact with my advisor, and when I do, all I recieve back is angry e-mails about how I should know the things I am asking already. I have not been able to attend a few meetings, such as ones regarding the three to four credit switch, but I have been getting the information none the less. With class registration coming up, I feel as though I am not getting what I need in order to graduate. It seems as though my advisor merely finds fault with all I am doing, and makes no effort to answer my questions, esspecially regarding what courses would best help me in order to graduate. I am at the point where I just want to switch majors, and switch back at a later point. I just want to know what I am doing is what I should be doing, not just have a signature on a piece of paper that literally means nothing.

Any suggestions?

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to bash ANYONE on here, I'm just venting frusteration with the fact that I can't seem to forge a relationship with my advisor that actually helps. No one has mentioned it, but I just wanted to be clear. Thanks.
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Do you care about your right to freedom of speech at UMF?

Have you heard of the "UMF Bill of Academic Rights"?

Poll #701022 Academic Bill of Rights

Have you heard of the proposed "UMF Academic Bill of Rights"?


If so, how did you hear about the "Academic Bill of Rights"?

Do you believe that the "Academic Bill of Rights" would limit freedom of speech on the UMF campus?

I'm not sure
Other (if other, please specify)


Do you feel that a "liberal bias" exists on the UMF campus?

I'm not sure
Other (if other, please specify)


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Philosophy Notes

Hey everyone,
I have lost a blue spiral bound paper notebook sometime since Thursday, March 23rd. It is light blue with brown and yellow stripes, and an elastic band that keeps it shut. The first page of starts off with notes on Thomas Aquinas. If anyone has seen this notebook, or picked it up, can you please contact me at or IM me at Windsok21. Its really important I get it back, it has all my notes from the entire semester from class and readings.
Thank you!

What is with the boards in Scott?

Has anyone seen the bulletin board in Scott South? It kinda gets me angry. I mean, what is the R.A. that put it up trying to say? Did you see the pictures? Half the models are way too thin. Seriously. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Paris Hilton? Nicole Richie? It's so wrong. What about Jessica Simpson's rib shots? The Bebe model? Lindsey Lohan? Not ok. Half of the people have been the object of speculation over the possibility of them having an eating disorder to begin with!

I hate it. Basically, the media tells me that I'm supposed to look like these girls, and I don't like the pressure. The board just gives me something else to compare myself too. I know I'm not the only one either. I've talked to other people and they have been upset about the board, too.

I feel like, on campus, eating disorders and body image are "untouchable" subjects. How long can we ignore what is right in front of us? Let's get real. The puke in the bathrooms isn't all from hangovers and the flu. I interact with people who need help all the time. They are in the dorms, the gym, the caf, in my classes, -- everywhere. 5 million women alone have eating disorders. Why are we fueling this? Eating disorders are really serious. People die. It is a problem that is not going away. It's getting worse, in fact.

I'm not saying that the media is the sole culprit for the eating disorder epidemic, but it is a huge contributor. The majority of the images on the board aren't healthy looking, but I do acknowledge there is a representation of different body types (Yanni, anyone?) still, it's not enough. Aren't there other things to post on the boards? People need to be educated, not provoked. What do you think the point of the board is? It just seems like it sends out so many mixed messages.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I'd like to know what other people think. Am I the only one who is bothered by all this?

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